The Absolute Worst Call on ET - Simply Bad

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Challange you to what? An internet boxing match or bar fight?
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  2. His life is pure bliss. So much so that his life's work is authoring threads/posting about me under his numerous aliases -- most recently Mr. Gates. He was burned so badly that he begged Pabst to have the "sparring" thread removed.
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  3. Bar fight? How do you challenge someone to a bar fight?

    Any type of physical combat scenario you want to put your money or pride on.

    I suggest you go play somewhere else.

    Rowshan is mad at me because he thought his disgrace would vanish with the post in question being deleted....Not my problem.
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  4. X is one of the good Philly boys.
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  5. Cool no worries then. My bad. So many trolls, you just gotta suspect everyone these days. ha ha

    My bad X.
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  6. bighog

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    Well who has NOT made some bad calls? Being a trader means you reserve the right to change your mind. Thank goodness for that. HA

    Traders place orders with a broker, not with a bookie. Placing bets with a bookie and you can not change mind once the event starts. Placing bets with a broker and the ability to change the bet should be a cake walk. I mean the game gives you a HUGE edge in the beginning. Trading thus is you against yourself.
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  7. Mad at you? I LAUGH at you. You embarrass yourself every day w your 10+ posts. You couldn't pay me $1M to run around ET being others lap dogs. Yet you do it, and then use the word "pride" LMAO. Keep up the good work reaver, you don't mean to be funny, but alot of epople are laughing at you.
    atticus, why do you have to lie to get your point across? Maybe that's part of the larger problem, and how you ended up where you are now. You know I never, ever asked anyone to have anything removed from ET. Yet you cling to this lie like a pathetic, angry girl.
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  8. The recent absurdity began when Rowshan authored a thread about an call I made going long BSC from $99. I failed to post the offset. I had converted the long to a synthetic long fly at edge. I later posted on another thread that BSC would never see $40 again [with shares closed at $30 that Friday]. Sounds bullish to anyone?

    Assume I am still long BSC if that allows you to witness another sunrise.
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  9. Do you deny you asked Pabst to remove his thread in which you backed down from the sparring match? Girl? Your labia doing your talking again?

    What exactly am I lying about?
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  10. Dude no matter what your opinion is of me-

    You backed down from a public challenge after talking untold amounts of shit about how badass you were. Then you cried to the mods/Pabst to have the thread removed. Now you come over here acting like it never happened just because the thread got deleted, just like all the other trolls.

    Nothing else to say, really.

    Laugh at me all you want because of my "10+ posts a day" but I'll never be a puss like you. Now THAT's funny.
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