The Absolute Worst Call on ET - Simply Bad

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. rotflmao

    But he had a 65 page thread on how he routinely forced them to give him fills
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  2. I looked for that one time, but gave up. Is it still findable?
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  3. I think they delted it. As usual with his threads it turned into a running argument. No matter how many times people posted the actual rules right from the CBOE page he screamed he was right.

    You missed a very entertaining thread
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  4. damn, he has left me utterly speechless with some of his lunatic rants, wow.
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  5. The index was and still is a huge success

    The idea behind it was to pick momo growth stocks and hold them to prove that you can beat the market and so for it has crushed it.
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  6. any decent trader will obliterate what the buy and pray crowd will ever make.
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  7. I'm not going to knock a guy without him present but since he has pooped on a number of my threads with his idiot calls. If you want to be stock_trad3r, then go open a paper and take the favorite stocks of any Index and push print. then wager no money and claim to be ahead... For those of us up to our chins in stress and with many folks counting on us not to screw up and always using our own money where our mouth is... it's very disheartening to read prattle about the 4 Horsemen again... They are original thoughts out there, this kid doesn't have em'.
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  8. No, this one is worse. On 11/15/07, atticus made the following quote on BSC:
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  10. Not to mention that Bob/James talked a bunch of shit to Atty and then when he got his card pulled, backed down publicly to a sparring challenge in NYC. That was another bad call I'd have to say.

    He may have avoided a physical ass whipping, but his pride sure took it on the nose.
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