The Absolute Worst Call on ET - Simply Bad

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  1. On 10/29/2007, stock_trad3r made the following quote on VMW which had traded around 125. Then after a few panic selloffs and waterfall selloffs, the stock finally rests at 55 dollars today and traded as low as the 40s.

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    Everyone makes some bad trades. Thats why we use stops.
  3. Are you mad that you took his call and lost a bunch of money without a stop? Just wondering...
  4. "Everyone makes mistakes that's why they put erasers on pencils."

    Can anyone figure out where I got that quote from?
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    stock_trad3r doesn't use stops; is VMW stilli in the stock_trad3r model portfolio?
  6. Overall stocktrader has proven his ability to significantly and substantially outperform the market, checkout his stock_trad3r index thread. Not all the momo plays can work without a few crashing badly. People love to knock the guy but let's see someone else come on here and outperform the S&P 500 by 30%+.
  7. he has not outperfomed by 30%. not even close. He tends to "add" new names near the top, but no one really pays any attention to this fact. I agree his "index" did outperfom for awhile, but since last summer has been taking water on alot faster than he can pump it out. Also his money is not where his posts are. He doesn't trade, its a buy (paper) and pray strategy, doesn't work well in a downtrending mkt, and most of his index he does not own. He and day are on here for entertainment purposes only, they have no real money at risk.
  8. Here is a picture of the stocktrad3r...
  9. But day has a sure fire system for forcing the mm's in the SPX pit to fill him and he's sure they're all affraid of him. Are you saying he's a liar? Wow I totally have to re-think this whole place if people are not what they say they are here.
  10. Yeah, i'm sure the guys in the pit fear day...Not because of his trading ability...he is crazy, and he likes to write fiction, so i'm sure he has penned a letter or 500 to chicago! He also may have been on vacation with his parents where he might have done some stalking!
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