The ABSOLUTE best pricing in the industry! (Equities)

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    Just came out…

    Who would have guessed Ameritrade? Only through the Application Cooltrade

    Monthly subscription of $39.99 a month. No Contracts.

    *For beginners, you can execute manual trades or confirmation of trades.
    **Prices only valid if trades are made through the CoolTrade application.
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    Why would Ameritrade need Cooltrade for automated trading when it can be done with Ameritrade's own Strategy Desk?
  3. Sorak99


    Users can develop strategies with a point and click interface vs a "programming" language.

    Cooltrade is years ahead of any automated trader, Ameritrade realizes this and that's why they endorse it.

    How else do you get one of the largest firms to lower their price so aggressively?
  4. GTC


    Sorak99, if I have 2 accounts--one with Ameritrade and one with IB, will CoolTrade let me place some trades at Ameritrade and some at IB?
  5. Is this automated only... Can you execute 200 trades a month using manual execution...
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    As of right now, CoolTrade is compatible with IB and Ameritrade. However, you will need an one account with CoolTrade for each broker to run simutaneously.

    You can execute manual trades through Cooltrade. Right Click on the screen and submit order.

  7. Does this connect with Quotetracker in any way?
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    Interactive Brokers
    MB Trading
  9. Would a manual order in a highly liquid market, say 5000 SPY shares, be filled as quickly as any other Direct Access Order... as in bang - DONE... ?? and covering, exiting be just as fast... ??

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    I guess that depends more on Ameritrade than it would CoolTrade.

    CoolTrade is automated software, Ameritrade is the broker. They would fill the order.
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