The Abecedarian Trader

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by John Merchant, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Lesson One: Sometimes you do things right, and sometimes you do things wrong, and when right is wrong, wrong is right.

    Consider trend lines. Most technical analysis books written after 1940 advise you to draw the trend line under an uptrend and above a downtrend.

    But sometimes interesting things happen when you violate that rule.

    The lesson of the attachment is that if you can't draw the trend line "right", the trend is "wrong."
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  2. Q.E.D.
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    That's amazing! I didn't know that.
    If the above sounds familiar it came from "LAUGH IN" tv many years ago..
  4. If you aren't an abecedarian trader, the thread isn't meant for you. I'm sure you can recognize a flag without any geometric or goniometric help.
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    Sorry. I didn't know it was a private thread.
  6. Are you serious?
  7. Abecedarian

    One who is just learning; a beginner.
    Having to do with the alphabet.
    Being arranged alphabetically.
    Elementary or rudimentary.

    Also, an ebook "system" being sold for a pittance on Ebay. Sounds very important...
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    Not to me. How do you put a thread on ignore?