The 80's, David Lee Roth, California Girls

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  1. hughb


    I wasted the 80's. I should have partied harder. If you were born circa 1965, give me a thumbs up here.

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  2. Lucrum


    During the 80's I was working two jobs, attending college and flight training.

    Most of my HS friends were having a good time though.
    Of course now most of them are working their asses off to make ends meet, while I'm drawing a six figure salary and averaging about 30 work hours a month.

    "Pay me now or pay me later"?
  3. hughb


    It's too late now! How stupid do you think 40 and 50 somethings would now while puking on our shoes in the bar's parking lot at 2 AM?

    We missed the boat pal.......
  4. jnbadger


    I went to music school in LA in the 80's. Then i got into a band and toured the Midwest. Then i went to college. Then i became a trader.

    I partied my ass off in LA. Then i partied my ass off in Wisconsin. Ouch.

    Now i can honestly say i haven't been to a bar in 6 months, even though I'm surrounded by them out here in the sticks.

    Born 1967. Partied hard in LA 1987 - 88.
  5. 377OHMS



    At 22 I was an Air Force veteran wondering what to do with my life and made a conscious decision to live my life in reverse order. I lived in Manhattan Beach, drove a black Lotus and worked as an engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company with no degree. I partied. I did not go to school. I spent a great deal of time in Cocoa Beach supporting shuttle launches at Kennedy Space Center. I didn't save any money, didn't buy life insurance or even get medical checkups. There were times I was out with a different girl every night and was an unrepentant pussy hound. I went helicopter skiing every year. I was insufficiently responsible to even own a dog.

    At 32 I started engineering school, became a homeowner, started saving money and getting checkups and slowed down the partying considerably. I started having long steady relationships with women. I started trying to get 8 hours of sleep. I started to ski at resorts on marked slopes and my cars became far less exotic. I owned a large collie dog named Roy.

    At 52 I'm getting married, work 9 to 5 in an office and drive back and forth in a hybrid car between the Home Depot and my home repair/renovation projects on my little rancho. I hardly party at all. I have to take blood pressure medication, wear reading glasses and often take Ambien to get to sleep. I carry life insurance, liability insurance and pay extra for good medical insurance. I have 3 rescue dogs, 4 if you count my fiancee's dog. I'm going to be the father figure to 3 kids. I save money and buy dividend stocks and silver Maples. When I ski I'm worn out by 3 PM.

    Backwards. I took advantage of my youth when I had it. It made sense. Still does. :)
  6. God the 80's were great, so many skinny pretty ladies to sleep with, damn it was fun. I lived the life of a rock star with out the drugs, just the babes. It was before the conservative and Jesus revolution hit Texas and the girls were easy on the eyes and easy to talk to. Thanks for bringing this up, lots of good memories man.
  7. Lucrum


    Yes it is.
  8. jem


    I loved the 80s. Every minute of them.

    My college room mate and I developed a theory that we should seek the zone as often as possible.

    I sought the zone throughout the 80s and some of the 90s.
    First tennis, then surfing, then snowboarding and trading for a living.

    The zone sort of stopped when I got married.
    Although I still have a good life... and 4 great kids... I do miss the zone.
  9. Boss302


    Looking back, I can't believe some of the women I got together with in the 80's. Breasts that defied gravity. Real breasts.
  10. Early 80's.......Higher highs, lower lows............

    Got divorced...filed died...(he was my friend)..lost my house...found a great girl...lost that great girl.. found my future wife...bought another a bigger and better job.

    drank and fished my way through it all...never missed a day of work......the gods were fucking with me in the 80's.....

    looking back.....I paid my dues.....never ever quit....:cool:
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