The $700 Billion dollar man

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Clubber Lang, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Look at the fucking last name!! First, people gave their life savings to a guy named MADOFF, as in made off.

    Now you have Kashkari, don't you think he might carry off the cash?

  2. 1) "Cash & Carry"!
    2) You'd think he'd be living in a shed that's larger than what the UniBomber lived in. :cool:
  3. He is preparing for the biggest financial collapse in the history of the world. When the s*** hits the fan, he is out there in the middle of nowhere, while millions of people are on the streets shooting each other for food. It wont affect him out there in the middle of nowhere.

    Besides...he probably has a billion dollars of gold stashed under that cabin.

  4. You that i think of it...if peoples last names are indicative of what they are going to do...look at our presidents name. Obama. O-bomb-a

    Oh...he is going to BOMB A...merica.