The 7 Phases of Being a Bull In a Bear Market

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  1. Shock is the first stage. It is accompanied by disbelief and numbness.

    Denial follows quickly, crying "I don't believe it," or "It can't be."

    Bargaining is your promise that "I'll be so very good that maybe I can wake up and find that it isn't so. I'll do all the right things if only...."

    Guilt is painful and hard to deal with. This is when one says over and over, "If only I had..." or "If only I had not..." This is a normal feeling and ultimately it may be solved by stating, "I'm a human being and I gave the best and worst of me to my friend (child, husband, etc...) and what he or she does with that is his or her responsibility.

    Anger is another big factor which seems to be necessary in order to face the reality of life and then to get beyond it. We must all heal in our own ways. Anger is a natural stage through which we must pass. Your anger at your deceased loved one may even make you feel guilty, or it may be because your own life continues whereas your friend's life is over.

    Depression is a stage of grief that comes and goes. Knowing this, be prepared to give yourself time to heal. Resignation is a late stage. It comes when finally you accept the truth.

    Acceptance and hope! Understand that you will never be the same but your life can go on to find meaning and purpose.
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    So, are we in denial stage?

  3. It is possible to be bullish in a bear market. By waiting long enough you will recover your losses (unless you use too much leverage, or pick speculative stocks).

    Being bearish in a bull market, will lead to 100% losses in the long run.
  4. Explain that to the nekkei bagholders, skippy.