The "6" Golden, you really need them BIG time!!

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  1. <i>"can you please explain in terms we can understand...thanks!!!"</i>

    Be happy to.

    Certain indicators that lag (everything lags, even price action lags itself) tell us where momentum exists... up, down or sideways at the moment.

    They also tell us in harmony with price action whether a change in direction or beginning of a directional move has likely taken place.

    Most importantly, a body in motion tends to remain in motion. Someone made that a universal law, didn't they? Same law applies to price action. Newbies look to anticipate where price turns are. Pros seek confirmation of such turns, then trade in harmony with that direction until the next change comes along, one tick or twenty ES index points later.

    Traders who don't yet understand that process simply don't know what they do not know. Hence, mistakenly cursing indicators that "lag" because they haven't learned to use their tools correctly.

    Volume frequently lies. Price action frequently chops. Correct use of indicators helps clear up the picture.
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  2. Newton, good guy, not sure if he was a good trader back then though :)

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  3. IQ feed lags about 3.5 seconds (about the best out there for speed of reporting TICK for instance). You can build your own TICK factory and remove some of the stagnant traded NYSE listings and then you can be at probably 1 second or less.
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  4. AustinP, well said !!!

    One more addition:

    Skilled and experienced traders can also trade in antipication as well as confirmation.
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  5. Austin,

    I never met a single trader using commonly used indicators that could out trade a pure price action trader of the same caliber.

    Needless to say, I'm not saying this is not possible, just a rare skill.

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  6. Interesting statement. I'm experiencing the other way.

    Indicators + price action > price action only.

    The math works in this way if the indicators are used correctly, IMO.
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  7. Anek,
    How many traders are you referring to in your post here? A sizable amount could mean something whereas if it's you and your brother, not so much.

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  8. Brown,

    Funny stuff :)

    I suppose the answer is relative but including the dog and the neightbor, 4 ?

    Just kidding, quite a few.

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  9. You wanted it

    here it is


    Thats all you need

    oh one other thing.. you better know how to read em!

    This is a live trading strategy based on a proper understanding of the indicators.
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