The "6" Golden, you really need them BIG time!!

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  1. they are:
    ...forget Stochs, MA, EMA, MACD as they all lag and "tell a story" that was...these 6 "tell what the story is" and indicate "would could be" need time to understand how to interpret "what could be"...there is a "huge" indicator in looking at all 6...HUGE!...I am talking about trading the ES and using these...any thoughts, comments and how you "inter-use" these or which ones do you use solely etc...lets start a discussion...talking about daytrading...specifically the great...ES...emini SP500
  2. Trin is useless.
  3. Depending on which data/charting you use, those can lag by up to 6 they lag bad and are not all that precise.
  4. Price, all else lags.

  5. Price, all else lags.

    Anek, I'm becoming a believer.
  6. booyah


    This is a fascinating topic since some people trade solely on price action, while others can incorporate TA. Hey Increasenow, if you feel those are lagging, how do you use your other indicators ? How does one utilize an indicator, while its generally considered to be slower than price ? Tweak the parameters ?

    This is a very interesting debate. I wish we can get some feedback from the ones that do believe in it (since there must be some that do) Other than the pure price followers.
  7. all indicators suck my wang, except vwap hes cool
  8. ...and what of oscillators, prey tell, Mr.Wang?
  9. i dont care i hope increasenow makes some $$$ off of his new INDICATOR GOLDEN HOLY GRAIL SYSTEMZ.
  10. "wow, you really need them BIG time!!"

    yes considering your asking people on the board how to use them WOOOO
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