The 47 Percent Comment, and Great Ads!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradingjournals, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. What do you think a great ad would look like in support of President Obama based on the 47% percent comment?
  2. Show clips of Romney accusing Obama of trying to divide America then show Romneys 47 % comments
  3. Yeah, or a series of his bloopers: like, say, dissin the Brits on the Olympics with the London mayor's answer, then play this one. Priceless stuff.
  4. hughb


    If I were advising Obama, I would have him run with the success stories of companies that recieved bailout money and got turned around. Of course, he couldn't call it "bailout money", but some craftily worded ad that shows all of the workers who's jobs were saved. I don't really think the "47%" remarks are all that damaging to Mitt. An informal poll on the CNN website show that it was actually a positive for Mitt. The best attack ads that Obama could run are the ones about companies moving jobs overseas after Bain Capital invested in them, and the ones about pushing grandma over the cliff in a medicare wheelchair.