The 401(k) Grab is no longer just a rumor

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ipatent, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I agree, but didn't Clinton also use Social Security to balance the budget?
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  2. dhpar


    interesting - i did not know that.

    so there is a place for all these chinese treasuries after all...
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  3. Aren't you running late for your ACORN meeting?
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  4. Thanks Scataphagos.

    Most of the Obama lovers on this board post from the public library computer after cashing their welfare checks.
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  5. Oh oh now you went and did it. Enemy of The State. Flagged by Eschelon program...........We got hit we got it on Gnome sending agents for Gnome. :p
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  6. In all seriousness if this is a true proposal this is BS plain and simple. I better roll my dormant 401k into IRA quick.
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  7. Probably will exempt unions.
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  8. IRAs are in the Government's crosshairs, too.
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  9. clacy


    If this were to happen, IRA's would likely be included, IMO.
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  10. the1


    And this is precisely the reason Obama and Co. want to confiscate 401(k)'s and IRA's -- so they can use those funds to fuel more deficit spending because recent buyers of treasuries have left the building. They are going to have a hell of a time getting this through the revolving door because unlike Social Security, 401(k)'s and IRA's are currently not connected to the government. It would be pure confiscation on the government's part. I can just see the riots now.

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