The 401(k) Grab is no longer just a rumor

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ipatent, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Well, you did break it...
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  2. bagg


    All Rhetoric aside, you really are a dickhead Clubber.
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  4. Perhaps you should start a poll...

    However.. as Clubber's remarks are SPOT ON, it looks like YOU are the dickhead!!

    Somebody posted "Warn Obama... he's to be assassinated during his trip to Indonesia".

    Doubt that it's true, but I wouldn't be upset at all.....
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    at least we know why they are pumping the markets and that they will continue to do so... :D
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  6. Yeah, well... American Patriots should STOP THEM AT ALL COSTS... that is if you give a crap about the future of your children...

    Best would be to THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT OF CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE.. and replace them with Constitutional Moderates...
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  7. Get your facts straight - yes, he was a community organizer, but not as altruistic as most think. He was also in bed with the largest real estate developers of Illinois.

    You know why? As a community organizer, he was able to assist developers with the gentrification of communities in Chicago. He "helped" move the poor out of crappy areas, developers then bought the land at pennies on the dollar, to be redeveloped and reap windfalls.

    As for that preacher you despise - he knows more about Obama than you apparently do. He knows that Obama was a sellout and used his parish to help the wealthy. You and that preacher may have different political philosophies, but that's where it ends.

    Don't be fooled by the socialist veneer crap. Big Money always wins, even when the facade is one of populist.

    When people erroneously focus on individuals, they lose the big picture and get fooled. The system is rotten and corrupted by big money. Period.
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  8. This is the same thing Reagan did with Social Security.

    I would think folks would be happy to see Obama is following the Gipper's playbook, instead of the far-left script so many feared.
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    I'm too young to remember a lot of policy from the Reagan years. Would you care to elaborate?
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  10. Reagan turned Social Security into what is effectively an annuity by moving it from a pay-as-you-go system into a giant slush-bucket "invested" in Treasuries. The primary motivation was to sop up all the excess Treasuries being generated by his massive increases in deficit spending.

    This is a lather-rinse-repeat repeat moment from the "Morning In America" years.

    I don't have any problem with people opposing such a plan, just keep in mind that it's not coming from the left-wing nut house, it's from the right wing playbook (at least in the US).
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