The 40 Year Cycle

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fstrader, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. fstrader


    I have a blog that I have been posting my ideas on cycles. If anyone wouldn't mind stopping by, I would love to know what you think about them. (I don't get many comments).

    But basically, I've been putting together some market timing guidlines based on a 4-year cycle, a 6-month seasonal cycle, and now a 40-year cycle. I believe beginning in October 2006, we will be entering the last 4-year cycle of the 40 year cycle. This has been associated with a negative return each time it has occured (twice). First, ending in 1930, then ending in 1970. The first 4-year cycle of a 40 year cycle is also a bad time to be long (also negative returns).

    Well, I won't continue to bore you here, you can go to my blog for that :)

    I only heard about a 4-year cycle for the first time a month ago. And I would like to learn more on the subject of cycles, so please share comments and knowledge you many have. thanks.