The 4 stages of single women in NYC

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  1. Male traders in the city need to be aware of the 4 stages of single women in NYC. Here are the stages:

    Stage 1 - The Fun Years -
    Ages 18-23
    Its all about having a good time and experiencing things. Relationships typically last 2-6 months with lots of casual dating in between. Sexual experimentation is always the rule rather then the exception.

    Stage 2 - The Dinner Years -
    Ages 24-28-
    Women during this stage find that guys in NYC will pay just about any amount to go to dinner with them and find themselves to be high demand real estate. Guys are all over them as they go about NYC during everyday life. Its all about going to dinner with the next guy. The women become very picky with which guy they spend time with and demands increase with each year older they get for material things. The women in this stage will most always what you do and figure out how much money you may have. They will ask their friends how much they think you make. Sex doesnt seem as much of a priority as it seemed during the fun years and going out with someone with money and career is the priority of the day.

    Stage 3 - The Transition -
    Ages 29-34
    Women during this stage are increasingly putting on weight and there are wrinkles starting to be seen on their faces. Chins and guts may appear during this stage. Women are still very demanding at this stage and even more so then the last stage, however, they are finding their appeal to men to be falling. They simply cant attract the same quality of guys as they did in the earlier stages. They are finding more and more that guys simply wont agree to go to high-cost dining establishments. The guys they are attracting are not the ones they really want or had during their earlier stage. Frustration sets in during the late phases of this stage.

    Stage 4 - The late years where anything goes
    Ages 35+
    The women in this stage have already put on some weight and the age is evident in their faces. Guys routinely pass these type of women up. When there is a date, the guy demands that the lady pay half or even the entire date. The women in this stage are as agreeable to going to bed as the women in the earliest stage. In fact, these are the most agreeable women and easily pick-upable at your local bar. The women will sleep with most any guy of any age range and quality is not a concern anymore. Just getting sex is the real concern for these women. These women are also looking to get married and have kids. At this stage, they are the easiest to convince of such ventures. Some of the women in this stage will go on an exercise/dieting spree and become as slender as those in the fun years, but no amount of exercising or dieting will make age disappear...
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    No matter what the stage, odds are good none will be going out with you.
  4. why do you say that?
  5. applies to all women, not just those in NYC.
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    Good fun read on a Friday :)
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    Women are a dime a dozen......why worry about what stage they are, dont worry be happy....
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    needs a correction: the wrinkles start showing up in early stage 2, or even late stage 1, unless they are asian, then maybe not until stage 4.
  10. Have to second that.. White women seem to fall apart MUCH faster than almost any other race.
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