The 3 rogues: India, Israel and Pakistan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by philbloom, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. These three countries really anger me.

    All are nuclear armed and are run, respectively, by Hindu, Jewish and Muslim fanatics.

    The so-called "nutters with nukes" must be contained at all costs.

    We need to stop supporting Israel and Pakistan and get them to surrender their nukes.

    We must also get the Israelis to give back stolen land, and the Indians to do likewise.

    Countries such as Israel, India and Pakistan have no place at the high table of countries of civilised nations. They all lack morality and are run by lunatic regimes. Ultimately, the lunatic regimes should be held accountable, be it militarily or through sanctions.
  2. Ahh yes, the good ol days of Hitler. Any other countries that you need to decimate? Perhaps some individual races? I really don't understand why they don't have guns in the candy dispenser.

    thehitman, weren't your prior ban representative of your unneeded lunatic thinking around ET?
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    philbloom can't be thehitman = american hero = Jake Jones because he actually opposes Israel having nukes, while Jake Jones worships Israel and believes it can do no wrong.

    What philbloom does have in common with thehitman is a dogged believe that America has been ordained Ruler of Planet Earth and has both the right and the obligation to force other countries to kotow to our will. Unfortunately there are plenty of people in congress who have the exact same belief.
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    Its him.

    philbloom is JakeJones=AmericanHero=thehitman. They guy was an anti-semite all along posing as a pro-Israel warmonger in order to cause as much consternation as possible.

    He knows he cannot continue playing the zionista because he would be tossed immedietely. Likely he is using a proxy server to hide is actual IP or he has dynamic IP so he could return and get away with it.

    What a putz.
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    I predict that with his next username he will change gender and be RosieRedLegs. :D
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    I really don't see this thing about Israel stealing land. Palestine was helping Hitler, it's not like they were really united maybe, maybe they didn't have that much influence but essentially they were part of the Axis. The Axis lost [for those that missed that] and wow, after wars, sometimes borders get moved, sometimes shit happens to people that back the wrong side. The Israelis had to become terrorists to get the Brits out, that was something else, glad I wasn't there for that... but whatever.

    I knew some palestinians in the US, they called themselves Armenians for some reason but I found that they were real Jew haters essentially so screw 'em, it's what they get. Palestine is a shithole and Israel is a thriving state, go figure..