the 3 most popular futures gurus ?

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  1. 1. Larry Williams

    2. Jake Bernstein

    3. Russell Sands

    What's yours ?
  2. MGJ


    You have left out Ken Roberts the cowboy hat guru, and Welles Wilder ($20K to join his Delta Society). Don't forget Ed Dobson who started a publishing company to sell his books like "The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich." You've also left out the amazing George Angell whose junkmail sales material is unintentionally hilarious. Speaking of junkmail gurus, let's not forget Chick Goslin, Joe Ross, Chuck Hughes, Joe Duffy, Jim Sloman, and Robert Miner.
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    I never really heard of Ken Roberts much once the Internet got started, I heard that his net worth was well in excess of a quarter billion dollars from his direct mail business though at one time. He was certainly a character back then, the big cowboy hat, the story of the guy he met on the beach. I can remember that being the first piece of direct mail I ever really read when I was about 15/16 years old. I got so excited and would have given anything to have been able to buy his material. Of course I did not have the money, but it did play a part in my desire to become a trader, and so if for no other reason I will remain thankful to Ken Roberts for that one thing always.
  4. Jack Hershey

  5. Dang, I was sure my answer would sucker in the usual knuckleheads and their blinding rage. I guess I underestimated the bunch :)
  6. 1. Franz

    2. Germanliar

    3. King Anek
  7. Alex Wasilewski

    Edan Aharony (aka Sam Baum)

    Franz Shoar

    Jack Hershey (alternate)
  8. Woodie - King of the CCI

    Anek - Lord of the Newbies

    Jack the Hershey Bar
  9. 1). Jack Nestle

    2) Ethel M Hershey

    3) Jack Godiva
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