The 3:00 pm 'tell'

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  1. Get ready, oh get ready.

    I think on days like today, where there is so much artificial and seemingly desperate governmental meddling, the horseshit is deciphered rather quickly, and the market reacts in an honest fashion to what they perceive to be factual misrepresentations.

    If I'm right, the fireworks will begin during the last hour.
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    07-14-08 01:57 PM

    Quote from Landis82:

    1225.34 is a .618% fibonacci ratio of the previous leg down.
    I would expect a bounce off this level.

    Actual low today thus far:


    Just remember though, there is a $hitload of stops below this level......inventory grab and short covering rally or BLOWOUT time to sub 1200's for the trading days ahead???

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  3. I'm going to start some of my buying programs. We'll close green...barely.

  4. Dude, you nail that ballsy call and I'll buy you a frosty one.

    You're up against the cumulative wisdom of Rennick and I.

    (I know, I know...)
  5. allin


    FYI. Rennick called the opposite of you today.
  6. Pikers got us in the last 20. Bastards....