The $279,000 Mustang

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  1. Back in 1993, I purchased a used 1991 Mustang 5.0 for $10,000. I loved the car, lots of fun. However, I was naive back then. Instead of purchasing this car, I should have placed the money in a large cap dividend paying stock like Fidelity. Although I had a lot of fun times with the car, I would honestly rather have the $279,000 that could have been made with that cash.

    A few days ago I posted a message asking which stocks would you pick to hold for 20 years. I received some helpful messages and purchased $1500 in stocks over the weekend through and other similiar websites. McDonalds, Wells Fargo Bank and All-State. $500 for each of the securities. The reason why I didnt use my regular trading account to purchase the stocks was because I desire to keep my long term investments seperate from the short-mid term trades.

    In two weeks, I plan on making another round of purchases of Caterpillar, Fidelity and Anheuser-Busch. This will keep going on for a few years until I amass a small collection. I am using Merchant's Dividend Achievers list to pick the various stocks,

    This new longer term strategy will be an insurance policy in the event of disaster. As the below link for Fidelity demonstrates, $10,000 in 1993 amounts to about $279,000 today. The sleepy dividend paying big cap stocks do pan out over time and when I am in my 50-60s I believe that I will be thanking myself for engaging in this type of strategy.
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  3. A woman in my town (Donna) bought some type of limited edition Dodge SuperBee as her very first car, back in the late 60s. She drove it for awhile, collected her share of speeding tickets and was forced to sell it for $5,000 at the time.

    She and her (now) husband have parlayed different investments into a very comfortable nest egg. She just sold a restaurant, and went looking for that car. Nostalgia being what it is, ya know.

    Found the car a few small towns away from here, in a collection with 100+ other Mopar muscle cars stored away. Still registered in her name, never went on the road, low miles, all original exactly the same as when she sold it way back when.

    The current owner is reluctant to sell it... recently turned down an offer for $125,000 from another collecter. Thinks he can get nearer to $200k in a few years, the way cars are bidding on TV auctions.


    Donna now wishes she'd parked that car in her daddy's barn and forgotten about it for a few decades :>)
  4. I know how you all feel....

    The first time in my life I got $10,000 together, I bought a BMW (1980). I wish I'd have bought Microsoft stock... I could have owned a BMW dealership today.
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    you would have to wait until 1986, so you had 6 years.

    Most of my friends and family dont even know what investments are. You think they would teach you in school to save money and put away for retirement, hahahaha.
    Nah they would rather teach you how to play dodgeball or name the 9 planets i mean 8, cause thats going to help you retire young.
  6. You're right.... didn't think anyone on ET would notice about Microsoft going public date. :D Still true, though. (The Bimmer was nice... very nice... but, well, you know.)
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    My father had 500 shares of Microsoft within a year of its IPO.

    Because he was an MIS director for the Government, they forced him to sell it.

    I bet that trade alone would of made more than he did over thirty years.

    Dont you love it when the Govt gets involved in your personal business?
  8. It would be justice if all of Congress, Senate, and Adminstration were to line up so that every American could give each a swift kick in the balls (women too)... but, don't get me started...
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    wow, he would have been sitting on approximately 144,000 shares of MSFT, value at todays price around

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