The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America

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  2. All 25 cities were overwhelmingly carried by Obama.
  3. I like how the picture in the article is of a locked fence in an abandoned industrial area, not of a criminal.

    This is how liberals brainwash themselves into believing that "crime" is its own entity, a product of a physical environment and not the result of the sinful behavior of human beings.....
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    Something that is now known is that 50% of all serious crimes are done by psychopaths, who number only about 1% of the population. We have the means to diagnose these extremely immature individuals with 100% accuracy. We could stop them very early in their lives. Their faces should go up on the web same as molesters currently do. They should never get behind the wheel of a car, they should never own a gun and everybody should have a chance to know what they are before interacting with them. The result might be a greater than 50% reduction in serious crimes since said psychopaths tend to build criminal organizations that involve non-psychopaths.

  5. Wonder if Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, not to mention artists like Marilyn Manson would have been diagnosed as psychopaths in your utopia?

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    Brother Surf, how is it you are putting Jobs, Branson, and Marilyn Manson into the same set?:confused:
  7. Unique and different characters who all likely would have been "marked" as misfits ---