The 2012 Tea Party Ticket

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    I think Sarah looks more aggressive and determined with the shorter hairstyle.
  2. And here is your "Chicago Platform" of democratic "hope and change."

  3. Lucrum


    <s>Houseflies</s> Gabflies feed on feces, open sores, sputum, and moist decaying organic matter such as spoiled food, eggs and flesh. They spit out saliva on solid foods to predigest it, and then suck it back in. They also vomit partly digested matter and pass it again to the abdomen.

    Gabflies are also pesky and annoying little insects.

    And how is it these tea party guys are effecting you in Canada?
  4. And there you are.

    "Effecting" me? I don't think they brought about my existence. Are you a creationist and they your deity?

  5. They both seem to have Obamaesque ears....and, they have that hoping for change type look in their eyes........

    Small world.......
  6. Suitable for bite-sized Tea Party brains.
  7. Lucrum


    Actually I read (Gab)flies eat mostly shit. After they've vomited on it of course.

  8. Yep, I knew I had thrown a slow pitch over the center of the plate shortly after hitting the "Submit Reply" button :)
  9. Lucrum


    Obama's long lost half brothers maybe?

    On second thought, not likely. They're much better looking than BO and obviously more intelligent.
  10. I don't think so, Lucrum........the bio on the picture states they were born in Honolulu.
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