The 2012 Republican national convention

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  1. You dont get it,see kut2k2's posts
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    Who's convention did Eastwood attend? Wasn't the DNC's and while everyone's talking about it. it'll pay off nice in name recognition. If he would have preformed this at the DNC convention you'd be saying how innovative and great it was.

    Sorry, Obama's numbers are in free fall, he'll get a break, a plateau after his convention but the spiral will continue after the debates. Personally can't wait for the VP debate....... left is already laying the ground work on how little the VP debate matters, in stark comparison to the magnitude they gave it in the last election .

    Rommey only had to show his personal side, let the people know a little about him so folks aren't voting for a stranger. Obama's failures will put him in the White House.

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  3. Obama is leading in most polls and leading by 15 points on intrade

    In 2008 around this time McCain took the lead on intrade and most of the polls for about 3 weeks with his VP pick / convention bump

    Romneys VP pick /convention bump is one of the weakest ever,he's done
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    No, my reaction would have been the same as S.E. Cupp's. Never took her for one of the smartest conservatives but evidently she is.
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  5. Dont get your hopes up,Biden will hold his own against Ryan and Obama will crush Romney in the debates
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    ROLF! We shall see.
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    With what, his teleprompter?
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  8. Bump??? Where's the bump?

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  9. Forget it. Just found it:

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  10. Just watched Eastwood's speech. I thought it was excellent, actually. The finish with the "Make my day" thing was perfect.
    Of course, I do have a big soft spot for the guy, having grown up on his movies when I was a kid, but still. I didn't see most of the rest of the convention, but I did catch Newt & The Lemon Tart, and that was vomitacious. This, though, was good. I even agreed with what he said about politicians.
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