The 2012 Republican national convention

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  1. The worst convention ever :cool:
  2. Whoever had the idea to send Clint Eastwood on stage to embarrass himself needs to be fired immediately
  3. Why didn't invite enough democrats and rino's for ya?
  4. I think they did great considering they had the political equivalent of the special olympics:D

    They did the best they could with what little talent they had, I am quite proud of them.:p
  5. Everyone has a sell-by date and thats what happens when washed out actors try to re-invent themselves. . . . they embarrass themselves and their sponsors.
  6. SNL and various other comedians are going to get a lot of mileage out of his "performance".
  7. Yannis


    If you didn't like it, it must have been the best ever! :D

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  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Given the fact Clint Eastwood plays an old white racist in Gran Torino, one of his best most recent films, i cant understand how the GOP could fuck up on branding that badly, his speech wasnt bad though......
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    :) :) :)
  10. Yannis


    You obviously haven't seen the movie, or else you would know that the main character in Gran Torino not only accepts, protects and mentors that Asian kid but also dies to help the poor Asian immigrants in his town.
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