The 2012 "First Debate" thread. Lets all try to keep this to one thread.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E. Pad, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. The 2012 "First Debate" thread. Lets all try to keep this to one thread.

    We all know that all of us from the P&R section are watching this, This is like the Superbowl of politics right now. Lets try to keep it to 1 thread where we can all chirp each other.

    Im sitting in my trading room watching this on CNN, with news sources instead of charts on all my screens.

    Everyone post comments here as the debate goes on.
  2. Obama started off a bit shakey and not looking confident
  3. pspr


    Obama lands a right but below the belt costing him half a point. Romney responds with a stiff jab and uppercut that has Obama reeling back to the ropes.....
  4. pspr. . . . please don't hijack the thread with nonsense.
  5. LEAPup


    First fiteeen minutes in, Romney is kicking ocommunist down the stairs! Go!!!!! Go!!! Love it! Romney may have actually consumed a red bull! Ooh rah!
  6. Looks pretty even right now, but this should be Obama's wheel house, "Raise taxes on the rich lower them on the poor" If Romney makes it through this hes doing alright.....
  7. Romneys winning right now imo
  8. pspr


    I think Romney is getting the better of it by blowing the tax cut and other accusations Obama has been saying about him out of the water.

    Plus he nailed Obama on the energy problem Obama has caused.
  9. Boring, nothing new and nothing to change or sway voters, not yet anyway.
  10. Wow he already busted out the Bush line "we tried this already"...... Romney better have a good response....
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