The 2012 Crash

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  1. May be worse than 2008 so be careful folks.

  2. i am playing with idea of markets going up actually.

    comparing crash '87, higher low was reached 17/1/91, which timewise corresponds to 17/1/12.

    We just about there.....

    Dont short too hard, just in case...
  3. A meltdown, or a meltup, would be great. Either way, we make money. If, you know what you are doing.
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    I wonder will market crash with so many bears? You go to any popular blogs/site and u will find post abt 2012 crash. :confused:
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    I like how you give a lot of good reasons why this will happen. All investors should read this post.
  6. Bob Pisanni said it himself. If the banks in Europe were failing this much last month we'd be down hundreds of points of the Dow.

    The rise is not a decouping as Pisanni says, but merely supply and demand with investors making their annual and monthly purchases at the start of the month.

    Short 5 NQ, long lots of SQQQ.

    Pretty easy call to make after the first day of 2012.
  7. Poor Beau. You're off to a rather painful start in 2012. Down almost 6% in the first week of trading, -15% annualized since inception.

    Look Beau, I think you better stop telling me to get professional advice. You're not the master trader you think you are.
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    The 1st half of the year will be RTM trading,mostly.I think.You only should find the ''M''.I think...
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    Fade ego?
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