The 2 Billion dollars gift

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  1. Israel's $2 Billion Dollar Rail System


    Designed To Connect Small Remote Settlements In The West Bank


    This Is Billed To American And European taxpayers


    The Railroad Connects Remote Settlements To Jerusalem


    Jerusalem's $2 Billion Dollar Rail System

    The French company Veolia are biulding a $2 billion rail system for the Israeli authorities for a light rail transportation project in Jerusalem.

    The path of the light rail incorporates a number of Jewish settlements around East Jerusalem, built on stolen Palestinian land. It ensures the contiguity of these colonies with the central areas of the city and provides them with a vital transport link.

    ASN, the Dutch bank, holds shares in the French firm, Veolia, whose subsidiary Connex Israel holds about 5 percent of the CityPass consortium.

    The Route

    The project goes from Jerusalem to Ma’aleh Adumim, a large Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and from settlements in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley. The light rail project plays a key role in sustaining the settlements and ensuring they become a permanent fixture upon Palestinian land.

    These Are Remote Settlements

    These Zionists are building a train that runs 50 miles through the Palestinian territories up to ten illegal Israeli settlements. And the largest of these settlements are 2,000 Jews.


    Who Lives There?

    The Israeli settlers are the undesirables of the Jewish society. When Poland flushed it's sewers the waste wound up on these hilltop settlements, and today's settlers are the result of close interbreeding.

    These settlements have 200 families, and 90% are on welfare. They sit on the hilltops and do nothing all day.


    Who Is Really Paying?

    Bush gave Israel the money to resettle the Jewish settlers from Gaza.


    Why Give This Garbage $2 Billion?

    You could build 100 state-of-the-art $20 million dollar high schools for Mississippi and Tennessee. Or that's 16,000 scholarships to a good university for American kids.
  2. 1- Egypt's population is 80 million while Israel's population is 8 million, excluding the 1.2 million Palestinians living within Israel proper (are not entitled to a penny of that money)
    2- Egypt's aid is a bribe money as a payout for signing a so called "peace treaty" with Israel. At the end of the day, it is to protect Israel
    3- Jordan's total aid is 663 million/ year
    4- Egypt and Jordan's aid's purpose is humanitarian while Israel's aid is either to build railroads on land illegally stolen from Palestinians for Israeli sociopath settlers, military aid and aid to elevate the Israeli GNP standard to one higher than the US's.
    5- the 2 Billion dollars are only to build this illegal railroad for Israel gets, on average, 6.8 million dollars a day from the US.
    6- As in we; do you mean Israelis?