The 15 minute chart

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  1. This bad boy changed everything for me.......

    Anyone else love the 15 for day trading the es?

  2. no more than 8 ticks stop, and you're good to go.....
  3. What strategy do you use on the 15 min chart...?
  4. sounds like you have discovered our secret.

    I'll have to tell the boys to change the bots.
  5. monti1a


    give it about a year before you get too happy.
  6. Lucrum


    My favorite and most productive time frame.
  7. Much smoother than all lower timeframes. Less noise.

    I'm a price action I watch H's and L's only.

    Nothing else.
  8. Personally, I couldn't imagine trading indexes intraday using a 15-minute chart. However, I'm curious. I know it varies from one person to the next and from one day to the next, but how many setups do you guys typically get using a 15-minute chart during the course of an "average" day, and what is the typical size of your initial protective stop? Ballpark.
  9. I prefer to give your wife a 30 min bar, she feels 15 is inadequate for her needs.

  10. Everyday is different, Thunderdog.

    All stops based on volatility. Initially, never more than 8 ticks. Always trailing market, too.

    When volalility is low, I get 2-3 trades. On days when it's high, I can get as many as 6 or so.

    I agree weeman, the 30 minute is even better.

    Just follow the market, no thinking.
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