The 12 Habitudes of Success

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  1. Has anyone taking the course or read the book? is it just some more pop psychology?
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    The #1 rule for successful trading: Use Stops!!!
  3. I don't know the book, but don't you just love the word "habitude?" It seems to go hand-in-hand with "profitunity." And aren't those terms usually administered by friendly snake oil salesmen in shark skin suits?
  4. only 1 review on amazon, hmm
  5. I read it and didnt learn anything new. Its filled w/ all the same stuff that is written in many different book. Its all pretty obvious stuff too, nothing too enlightening.

    By thw way, I am speaking of the book written by Ruth Roosevelt. I apologize if you are speaking of another book w/ a similar title.
  6. haha...:D :D :D
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    bottom line is: be disciplined, cut your losses short and let your winners ride, you dont need to pay to read the same shyt again
  8. why is that the number one rule for success? What if the you don't use stops properly and therefor consistently get stopped out, with little or no profit..... until you're account is "blinded" to -0- (to use a poker analogy)?

    To paraphrase a famous quote

    "the report of use of (my) stops are greatly exaggerated"

  9. you stops, good advice
  10. They can be useful in one single situation : if the distribution of your returns is bimodal. Otherwise, the only thing they will bring is more losses...
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