The #1 Reason Why America will never recover

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  1. Because the majority of you fools believe God will help the country get out of this depression.

    I can see it now people across the country "praying for consumption"

    Oh Lord please make people spend money and keep this ponzi scheme going!

  2. oh yeah church attendance is at an all time high :)
  3. I respect ppl. that believe in religion, but I put my faith in myself not a book that was written, as Bill Maher puts it, during a time science wasn't advanced. A higher power maybe, formalized religion no.

    As far as America recovering, I don't agree. We can recover, we may just lose our empire status, which is fine by me. Let someone else do the heavy lifting internationally. We have demonstrated that we can create which is something the Chinese don't do well, they copy well. What is Russia without oil, vodka, beautiful women, and some IT ppl.
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    Please replace GOD with OBAMA and you have your real #1 reason
  5. Yes they will be praying for Obama to help in the churches.

    Obama will be an unmitigated disaster.
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    Thank you for your insightful contribution idiot. Now go fuck yourself.
  8. After Obama everything will be different. They're even going to restart the year numbering, this is the year 1 B.O. (Before Obama). :)
  9. Does that surprise you? Religion has been used throughout history to control people’s minds, religion never taught about the freewill.
  10. A Shopping Prayer:

    Armani who art in Holts. Hallowed be thy shoes. Thy Prada come. Thy shopping done. On Bloor St. as it is in Paris. Give us this day, our Visa Gold. And forgive us our balance. As we forgive those who charge us interest. Lead us not into Wal-Mart. And deliver us from Sears. For thine is the Chanel, the Gaultier, and the Versace. For Dolce and Gabbana. Amex.
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