The 1 ES Point REALITY

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  1. There has been much discussion about the "1 ES Point" per day possibility...I truly believe this possibility is one of the greatest cash making opportunities around!!!!!...the potential is unlimited!!!...thanks for the insight and suggestions...yes, I agree...1 ES point per day is a "real" "reality"!!!...let's go for it!!!
  2. How'd everyone decide on one? Why not 1.5 or 2? Just curious.
  3. Of course it is, but you'll need months and months (maybe longer) of watching the ES trade before you can find the consistency to get to 1 pt a day avg. When you get on the wrong side, the bottom falls out and losing 1 pt is very easy. Now you'll have to make 2 pts just to get back to up one. You can see how this can cause major issues to your "1pt a day" goal.

    The worst thing you can do trading, in any mkt, is to set goals like this before you know how to trade the mkt of your choosing. This unrealistic goal for a beginner will only add unneccessary pressure. The best thing to do is to really study the movements of what you choose to trade and then start very small (1 trade a day) until you can be consistent for some time. Then 2 trades, 3 trades etc.

    Shooting for 1 pts a day at this stage (newbie, under 6months exp) is probably setting yourself up for spectacular failure.

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    Because 1.5 just sounds silly, and 2 is VERY, VERY hard!

    Your system averages somewhere around 1.4 ES (well, 14 YMs) I think, so 1 ES per day is a safe, even bet...
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  7. Hello you trade the ES?...what have you found?...thanks for sharing any input!...bill
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  9. Yes, I do now. Used to trade stocks everyday for almost 4 years, now am trading the ES.

    What I have found is just that (what I wrote). To successfully DAYTRADE a mkt like the ES, IMO, you need to spend 100's of hours (months and months) in front of the screen watching how the ES moves, getting a feel for the way it trades, taking note of the 100's of scenarious that can play out. Basically you need to build a mental database of how it trades so that you will be able to trade profitably and with confidence. B/c it moves so very fast, you need to learn the moments when you can hold a few ticks out of the money and when you need to bail immediately. This comes from experience.

    If you do decide to undertake trading the ES, or any other mkt for that matter and want consistent success, be prepared to dedicate a great majority of your time to working towards accomplishing it. Good luck.

  10. thanks Steve...good for all!
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