The 1-Day Breakout Method

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    I read about it before. Wait for a 40 day breakout to pull back and enter at previous positive day's high. Roughly. Probably exit at close.

    edit: just saw the chart from link. Looks like entry on close of an up day?
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    What suprises me about this deal is that noone has attached their name to this. If it is so great, why doesn't the author have his name on the book. Or why doesn't Larry Conners have his name on it. Every other thing they have for sale have someone's name attached. Why not this one?

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    One of Rich Dennis's primary rules as taught to the turtles. Many use 20 day penetration as well.
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    They've got a 30 day money back guarantee. Check it out.
  5. This seem a copy of Ken technic at DayTrading University.
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    If I'm not mistaken Ken uses a 2-day breakout technique.
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    This is a little ot, but it does regard Tradingmkts, does anyone actually pay 100 bucks a month to subscribe to that site, what do u get for that amount, is it worth it, just wondering, thanks.
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    Check out the systems on the page. There is a great source of information there. Also you might want to check the site for systems. I spend to much money on systems that don't work, so I had to go the hard way and create them myself.

  9. Yes Ken use 2-day breakout, the 2 mean a breakout on the second day (today), or if you prefer today we have a breakout over yesterday. If you read the website for the other, and check their graphics, you can verify that we have a breakout since the last day as Ken, but they use 1 day breakout label for this.
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