THC- crying in our beer

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lescor, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. lescor


    Anyone else get their ass whipped by this stock today? Looked like a good long when it made the V bottom at 11:20. I was long at $36.70 when it broke out of the congestion following that move. The he prints down 2 bucks on a 7.5 million share block. You'd think that's an all clear, that the selling pressure is over, so I held.

    When the real pain began, I couldn't get a fill to get out and finally sent a mrkt order right before the halt, but still not filled. So with 7 minutes left in the session, I'm down $10 on one position, unreal. At least it's small size, probably only going to wipe out the last week's gains. Holding overnight. Any other sob stories you'd like to share?

    If you were short this bitch, go start your own gloating thread.
  2. Man, what a great ticker for a stock. I bet that specialist thinks he's pretty cool.

    I wonder what the Cummins Corp. specialist must tell people he does for a living...
  3. Dustin


    It cost me my gains from yesterday, about $2500. Ended the day -$1800 :(

    I know a couple others that lost considerably more. Not a fun day. I'm going to charge any kids that come to my door a dollar per candy.
  4. There has been heavy selling not only in THC but in others in the sector, like WLP and UNH, the last few days. Clearly, someone knew something was gonna hit the fan, but how does news of an FBI raid get leaked? I think today or maybe tomorrow's open could be an important bottom, as the news is now out. Hard to believe class outfits like UNH would have FBI raids. I hate to bottom pick but this could be a real opportunity.
  5. Dustin


    Well the company is denying that the raid ever happened. Why would they lie about that? Monday will be interesting...I'm long a very small position for fun.

    So they had a couple rogue doctors...big deal.
  6. All these blowups do make for interesting trading days.
  7. NDQnCA

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    yeah that piece of shit THC took me for $1000 in 5 minutes- lost 2 points on 500 shares- bought at 34, after i tried to cancel my order and the prick specialist wouldn't let me out and filled me. then he showed 33-34 i just thought "F#@*K" but i really was pissed when he showed 30-33. so i brought up the island book and sold it to some poor sucker at 32 immediately . i took the $1000 loss and considered myself lucky. that was crap. gotta love it when other people get the news way before i do..........

    anyone buy at 28 after the halt and sell it at 28.75 MOC?? I did and made my money back and more. but, still, what a stressful stock to trade today- my brain feels like it is fried now.......hopefully you all didn't get smoked too badly in that p.o.s. but at least tommorrow is a new month and a clean slate.

  8. Dustin


    Yeah, but only with 300 shares...not enough to dent the loss. Nice trade.
  9. bro59


    Lost 18k, caught in the halt for 2600 shares. Now isn't that special?
  10. Amazing... Didn't take a position in it, but really bad ass price action!
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