thats it Skippy...pack your shit..let's go

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  1. "One thing I love about our show, is that FINALLY there is a rule in place where you can't hide like a chicken behind sunglasses! I swear every TV producer should ban sunglasses entirely from any televised event. They are so bad for poker on so many levels. Poker wouldn't be on TV if everyone wore hoodies and sunglasses to hide their eyes."

    I agree no sunglasses, no hats, no hoodies.

    amazing that a few of the top players like Tom Dwan feel no compulsion to hide their eyes(dwan looks right at his adversary!) BUT many (if not most?)top players do??!!?
  2. According to the May 2010 issue of Bluff Magazine, CardRunners instructor Brian Townsend is next in line to take on Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the Million Dollar Challenge.

    Dwan’s current opponent, fellow Full Tilt Poker pro Patrik Antonius, appears to be growing weary of the Durrrr Challenge. Antonius told Bluff Magazine, “I have to say I am just a little bit tired of playing [against] Tom. That’s also because I’ve had the worst run in my life in poker the last two-and-a-half months. I’ve broken almost every losing record there is. [So] I’m tired of playing anything at the moment, not just the Durrrr Challenge.”

    it aint ovah for me no it aint ovah for me
    i'm gonna step my game up get what's comin to me.

  3. you want vacation time go teach 3rd grade public school ..ROFL :D