Thats it, I long ET!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by retaildaytrader, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Why do you read posts like this? I bet this was the first one you clicked on. Why does someone else's failure attract you? Why not focus on positive thoughts instead of trolling around looking for failing traders? Why?
  2. trendy


    Because we were hoping it was you that was leaving?
  3. pspr


    Because your post was at the top of the list. Bye bye. :D
  4. Remind Miyagi of when Miyagi was loser trader. was before learn balance. Retail need to learn focus, train hard.....


  5. Its almost impossible to quit when investing/trading is so much like sex .... :) :)

    swing trading, ass-et turnover, naked call, after hours, insider trading, silent partner, blind entries, 30-day wash rule, straddle, triangles, descending tops, ascending bottoms, pump and dump, partial surrender, stop order (= or its rape), position limit, voluntary liquidation, and explicit interest.
  6. pcp198


    Honestly? when a trader is losing money there are only 2 things he might come here for, Finding the Holy Grail strategy or finding someone deeper in the hole.

    Its like taxes, you know your getting screwed so the only thing that feels better is knowing your neighbor is too.
  7. this place is brutal :cool:
  8. Kubinec


    Best post of the thread!!!
  9. bigb


    +1.......why would someone post a thread like this other than attention deprived kids?
  10. I got long after reading this.
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