That's it I give up line has been crossed

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Waiting, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Waiting


    no no you misunderstand, I am not giving up on trading

    I am giving up on YOU

    I've donated my time to ET and tried to make you people understand what's going on. How you are all pawns of central bankers. Even your government.

    But now I saw where a guy on ET wrote "So What ?" "I pay for 911 calls already."

    99.9% of you don't have a prayer because even payin 300 bucks to place 911 call doesn't flinch you.

    Sorry ET, I quit.

    I'd wish you good luck, but you Americans don't have a prayer.
  2. Lethn


    I'm British and you clearly got trolled
  3. Waiting


    PS: brilliance of my high IQ mind shows in most of my posts

    so when I say you guys are cooked

    you're cooked :p

  4. Waiting


    and British sick and surveyed society camera on every block is so much better


    couple of Jewish guys that are above even your Queen

    no I can't do this anymore, I can't debate nitwits and propaganda agents anymore

    I gotta go for real
  5. the1


    High IQ? Brilliance? Most of your replies were one-line drivel. Why do you -- sorry, "did" you -- feel so obligated to save Americans from themselves anyway? You don't think Americans understand the gravity of the situation? Study the history and evolution of oppressive governments. You'll quickly realize that it takes decades or centuries to escape from such a vice. Your one-week rant on ET isn't going to be the catalyst that's needed to get the movement going.

  6. OP = Cold/Jasonn/c-kid.

    Yet again.

    And he's "giving up" for the 133rd time in my recollection. That doesn't include all of the "QUITTING ET" private messages I get all the time.

    Countdown to next lunatic ranting PM begins now.
  7. the1


    No doubt. Definitely sounds like Cold. Lecturing ET and then getting all pissy when no one responds to his satisfaction. Definitely a candidate for a psychiatric evaluation :D

  8. lol.
    There are some absolute nut-balls around!!

  9. ivanovishit:

    This is NOT your territory. You have stepped outside your boundary. This is oraclewizard's terriroty. Now get back where you belong.

    jason/kid/cold has said repeatedly he doesn't like you, so you jumped into this thread to retaliate. How vicious you are!
  10. Guess again.

    See that asterisk next to his title?

    - Spydertrader
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