Thatcher was right: Germany has become too powerful....again

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  1. Margaret Thatcher had a point about Germany
    By Iain Martin Politics Last updated: March 26th, 2013

    When Charles Powell, Thatcher's private secretary, summoned a group of leading historians to Chequers, on 24 March 1990, to discuss the implications of reunification, the news leaked. A paper for the occasion which summarised the German national characteristics as "angst, aggressiveness, assertiveness, bullying, egotism, inferiority complex (and) sentimentality."

    The historians were generally appalled. In her public and private utterances the Iron Lady, a creature of the Cold War, seemed incapable of adapting to historic changed circumstances.

    But the idea that unification, followed by European monetary union, would strengthen Germany to the point that it would again dominate the continent looks pretty prescient now.

    The other countries of the European Union seem so far to have given little thought to how to deal with being under what Charles Moore the other day referred to as the German imperium. The empire is civilian rather than military, but the German power to command is still strong and getting stronger with every euro rescue. In the UK the Eurosceptic response is generally that the single currency will collapse soon under the weight of its own contradictions. Actually, it seems perfectly possible that barring an asymmetric shock it won't and that eventually Germany will sit calling the shots at the centre of an economic empire.

    In the face of this some of the non-German leaders prefer wittering brainlessly about European harmony and solidarity, rather than attempting to deal with reality. Germany is becoming too powerful for its own good and ours, again.
  2. Yet another example of The Golden Rule... "He who has the gold makes the rules"...

    America was once like that... until we went spending crazy and Commie.
  3. Now I can see where some UK politicians enthusiam for a UK alliance within the American economic bloc comes from.
    Very insightful view on Germany's soul. I wonder what is the similarity to Japanese one. I think they used to talk of "economic war", instead of military war.
  4. Some of the Eurozone bitches about Germany's economic might and the influence it wields. But when they need money, where do they turn?

    The tit-sucking factions of the world should WAKE UP. If you want to be the master of your own destiny, BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE!

    Can't find any sympathy in my heart for EZ countries who cry "woe is me... Germany is too strong... makes us do unpleasant stuff to get their money".
  5. I hear your emotions. hahahah
  6. Actually, the other EU countries should start copying Germany.