That wrinkly white haired dude...

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  1. hahaha, I enjoyed it
  2. Sadly, she makes more sense than both of them.
  3. Younger than both of them too. But she ain't gonna get any evangelical votes...
  4. No evangelical votes? Another plus for her. I may have to write her in as a candidate.
  5. paris rules.
  6. Its time for a hot female to lead the usa,,,I would be 100% behind her lol
  7. Not to crash the party but I don't think that Paris meant to be taken seriously.

    For one thing, offshore drilling isn't a short term solution. McCain himself admitted that it won't produce anything in the next 10 years. Paris either didn't know that or it was just part of the joke when she said that offshore drilling would bridge the gap.

    First she is really an airhead (and a funny one at that) and second she was simply mocking McCain. And you guys are actually taking her seriously?

    Correction: On second reading, it seems that only CaptainObvious took her seriously. No surprise.
  8. As usual, you miss the point. When Paris is to be taken more seriously than the actual candidates it shows just how pathetic the candidates are. Christ, you're stupid!
  9. McCain says offshore drilling won't produce anything in 10 years. Paris says it's a short term solution. You say Paris is more serious than McCain. What are you smoking?
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