That was some range for a change

Discussion in 'Trading' started by electron, May 17, 2006.

  1. I just thought that it sounded cool....

    So what's your warrior story for today... definitely no one should complain today...
  2. I almost blew up today, but actually ended the day up decently by taking on a lot of size on the little 3pm tick up.

    It's just so hard to sell something in the hole. I need to overcome that :)
  3. woke up and decided today was a great day for golf..Teed off @ 7:30 a.m. enjoyed a perfect cali morning, came home and saw the mkt taking another dookie. That was my day
  4. I had a small platform malfunction..........and combine that with my aversion to taking lossess that are not due to my fault.. I had a -8% day. It could've been a lot worse.
  5. Had the day off from work, sat at the computer watching the market, did absolutely nothing, almost fell asleep, and made a 2% return.

    Thank God for long-term trading (end-of-week) and automated trading systems.
  6. if you think that was something

    take a look at the 24 hour range for gold

  7. For gave me an exit to escape a 56:36 hr trade at BE...Thank you Trading Gods :) (I trade currencies)
  8. fildi101


    traded around 100 lots, 70 intruments, lots stopped out..hedged with qqqq overall.. around 80k in open positions....

    and the daily p&l?

    up 5 dollars and 16 cents... lol

    gotta chuckle really. :)

  9. Bought some OEX puts at 9:43 am when dow was down 56, sold out at close. Thankyou, again.

  10. lwlee


    The selling at about 10:30am-11am when there was huge volume on the ES, excellent high probability trade for going long.

    I was watching the RUT and it barely budged, yet the SP nosedives. Going long was good for at least 3-4 points.
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