That strong CAD/USD, or Dude, Where's My Looney?

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    December 3, 2007 --

    Stoners Suffer

    "THE weak dollar is hurting some Manhattan potheads. "Most of the high-end marijuana sold here comes from Canada," our source in the herbal world reports. "With the Canadian dollar becoming more valuable against the US dollar, the dealers have had to raise prices about 25 percent." The commercial-grade weed comes from Mexico, and the peso hasn't moved as much. "But Canada has the real high-quality hydroponic stuff," said our stoner source, who is feeling the pinch."

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  2. The circles I run in price has never been the issue, but supply. With the increase in funding for ICE and the subsequent tripling of manpower in remote locations like Porthill Idaho, it has become tougher to get across the border without being detected. Hence I think supply contributes more to the price fluctuation than the exchange rate. No one I ever talked to dealt in Looneys anyway, it's always US dollars.

    But the fuzz is lazy, really lazy. And the people bringing the pot across are less lazy. So they still only catch about 10% of the supply that's coming across the border. There's a river running by less than 100 yards from the US border crossing checkpoint in Porthill. The smugglers make the pot bales waterproof by wrapping them in drybags and weighting them down and then don their scuba gear and float down the river right under the noses of the Border Patrol. Government guys don't like getting out of their Tahoes. It's cold outside. They have a boat, but they only get in it in the summer.

    Then there's the hike over Mount Hall. You're more likely to run into a grizzly than a Border Patrol agent. They have snowmobiles too, but they really don't know how to ride them. You should see the number of snowmobiles Government wrecks every year. Not to mention the Tahoes, Durangos, and Suburbans they crash because they can't drive on icy roads. It really is quite funny.

    I am so glad pot is illegal. I used to think they should legalize it. But if it was legal it would be so much cheaper. And what would all those Border Patrol and ICE agents do for a job? There is far more quality pot being grown right in your own neighborhood than anyone realizes. It's a modern day prohibition era. So, since stock car racing was born from the moonshine runners in the south, what new sport will come from the dope smuggling? Tunnel digging? Deer emulation? FLIR avoidance techniques?