that putz Cramer has the balls to say hes now negative

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. after all this damage is already done.

    He needs to join his girlfriend Spitzy.
  2. Can you see him in a hotel room with one of those outfits and a sound board?
  3. Lucrum


    "that putz Cramer has the balls to say hes now negative"

    Maybe time to go long.
  4. there ya go, he pukes just before a huge rally.

    now you know why they kicked him out of the hedge fund.

    you think he left on his own?
  5. I didn't see his show last night but he said at 14:45 today that his never fail oscillator called this move...what a f'ing c. sucker.

    Note - it failed once w/ the crash in 87'
  6. More lies from Cramer.

    Bearish last night and now bullish after a 300 point rally.

    Lying dirtbag.
  7. yest he said go to cash.

    this guy is a fraud of the worst kind

    he even believes his own bs

    should be taken off the air as a danger to investors. and hes getting worse by the day