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  1. man, i can't believe this. i read part of this article that brother Madison posted on another thread --

    "...The judge noted that President Bush had signed an executive order in March, on the eve of the American invasion of Iraq, that confiscated Iraqi assets and converted them into assets of the United States government. In May, after Mr. Hussein was ousted, Mr. Bush issued a declaration that effectively removed Iraq from a list of countries liable for some court judgments involving past rights abuses and links to terrorism.

    In a sworn court filing in the case for the former prisoners, L. Paul Bremer III, the American administrator in Iraq, said the money won by the former prisoners had already been "completely obligated or expended" in reconstruction efforts.

    "These funds are critical to maintaining peace and stability in Iraq," he said. "Restricting these funds as a result of this litigation would affect adversely the ability of the United States to achieve security and stability in the region.""

    There was some guy I saw interviewed on TV who said that never before in American history had he seen an administration with as much contempt for the American people as this one. Now I think I understand what he meant.
  2. It'll be interesting how Maverick74 and his brothers spin this one.
  3. shhhhh..they are busy making up new handles/passwords:D :D
    give them some time:cool: :p
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    The US treats veterans badly. In the 50's and 60's people were going in the military because they would get lifetime medical care, it quickly turned into the worst possible care, the VA can't find it's ass with both hands.

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  6. Unless I am badly mistaken, this was also the position the Clinton administration took on this lawsuit.
  7. Fine.

    Fuck them, too.
  8. Fuck everybody!

    Democrats tax and spend, republicans borrow and spend. I'm sick of everyone's Goddamned hands in my wallet. They reach into your pants and squeeze your balls until they're purple.
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