That Islam-Bashing old British Guy Delivers Again!

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    I love to hear someone tell the truth so eloquently.

    Now if we could only exterminate these extremist vermin and withdraw our membership to the U.N., we'd be making some serious progress.
  2. LOL I know it came out wrong.
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    Bad news on that front. Obama wants to embolden the UN.

    Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should “strengthen” — not “starve” — the world body.

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  4. February 28, 2008, - 12:05 pm

    Pat Condell, Jew-Hater: Stop Sending Me Ignorant, Anti-Israel Englishman’s Anti-Islam Videos
    By Debbie Schlussel
    Many readers over the last couple of years have been sending me videos of Englishman Pat Condell. Please stop. I have never posted Mr. Condell’s work on Islam, which you’d think I agree with. I do. But here’s why I won’t glorify the work of Condell by posting it to my readers:
    Pat Condell is no more than a more affable version of Christopher Hitchens. Like Hitchens, he hates all religions and sees them as morally equivalent to Islam. He’s said exactly that. And, more important, Condell is anti-Israel, virulently so. He’s among the many anti-Semites who claim they “love the Jews” but want Jews out of Israel. Americans fall in love with anyone with an English accent, no matter how backward his information is, and Pat Condell is Exhibit A of that. His sophistries about Jews, Israel, and Jerusalem are telling in their ignorance.

    Pat Condell
    In a monologue video on the Jews, Condell starts out with the phony premise that he loves the Jews. But then he does a bait-and-switch that shows he actually hates them as much as the Muslims do. Condell says that the Jews have as much right to Germany as they do Israel. Wrong. He says there has never been a Jewish presence in Jerusalem and that it has always been a Muslim Arab city. Oh, really? I suppose the men who were kings over it and built the temple were King “Dawud” and King “Suleiman.” Puh-leeze. Jerusalem has always been a Jewish city. There has always been a Jewish presence there. Read my column, “Whose Jerusalem?” which answers the BS Condell spews on that issue.
    Yet, the wholly wrong Condell has bought into the Arab Muslim propaganda that Israel was only carved out for the Jews as a response to the Holocaust and the rest of their propaganda.
    If you jump all over the utterances of Pat Condell merely because you think he says the right things about Islam, you must ask yourself if you can accept his call for the Jews to be yanked out of Israel. His position and the HAMAS position are identical.
    Is that your position?
    Next time you watch the words of Pat Condell, be more of a critical thinker. He gets it completely wrong on Jews and Israel and religion in general. And, therefore, you can’t listen to him on much of anything else, no matter how right he may be about the Islam he wants to enable in Israel, but not in his cozy British home.
    Bottom line: Pat Condell believes in, “Let the Jews eat falafel and homicide bombings, but let me continue with my bangers and mash in peace.”
    Stop sending me his taped views. I couldn’t care less.
    If you are looking for someone with a smart-sounding English accent who is actually the real deal in the fight against Islamofascism, it ain’t Condell. It’s the great Melanie Phillips, coiner of the term “Londonistan” (title of her book) and a columnist for the Daily Mail. Much of what Condell decries in his videos was first reported and written about by Phillips. And her work is minus the anti-Israel propaganda and hatred. And frankly, she is the brave one over there in the UK, not Condell who takes the conventional Islamist view when it comes to the Mid-East.

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    its funny.....but, it seems like islam is a lot like the stock market these days......many speculators looking to take it down.....but it just keeps grinding up day by day!!
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    More like Enron. Making a big move just before the gig is up.
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