That Didn't Take Long...Trump A Racist According To Schiefer

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  1. Holding true to the vicious strain of institutional bias that has defined CBS News from Walter Cronkite through Dan Rather and Katie Couric, aging newscaster Bob Schiefer has pronounced Doanld Trump a racist for voicing doubts about how Obama managed to convey an uninspiring academic record into Ivy league degrees.

    Schiefer didn't exactly explain whre the racism came in, but apparently it had to do with the unspoken implication that obama benefitted from affirmative action. Actually, birthers have made variosu claims that obama benefitted not from affirmative action but from long time family associations with radical leftists. Whatever. To Schiefer and the other clowns at CBS that's probably racism too.

  2. I don't understand why Trump did not think this thru and strategize. He could have come from a different angle. Now, he is all in, and they are going to eviscerate him.
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    He is not racist. "The blacks like him."

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    exactly. he has a 'great relationship with the blacks'
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    Actually the only color that Trump is comfortable with is the color green. Nothing else matters. I'm still curious what his angle is/was here.
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    you mean his angle is not obvious?

    He said he will announce whether or not he is going to run for president on the season finale of his reality show.

    In my mind it is quite clear what the angle is, and he did a masterful job of manipulating the media.
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    It HAS to be more than a ratings ploy for a little-viewed tv program. I don't think he would risk so much for am extra tenth of a point.
  8. And everytime Allen West holds a townhall, some white liberal is distrupting it and getting arrested.

    Obviously this is straight up racism!
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    I think it is a little more than a ratings ploy. Trump is an egomaniac, i think that as much as anything he just wanted to be the center of attention. I doubt he will actually run in 2012.
  10. Bingo.
    No one would even know that he existed without his Daddy's money.
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