That Crazy Bruce McMahan

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  1. This guy sounds like he has his Limo's GPS system with HELL as his final destination.
  2. Awesome article, a very good read, but one has to wonder this bitch has a PHD in physcology she could have master-minded the entire thing and plotted against Bruce from day one. I wouldnt be surprised if she seduced him, took advantage of him and is now suing him for 10 million in damages wtf???
  3. ozzy


    Didn't read the entire article. But thats just ^+%king sick.

    What the hell is wrong with all these ppl !!
  4. He meet her when she was like 22 never knew he had a daughter they got drunk shit happens.
  5. forgive my reading incomprehension of those articles---was this his blood daughter or an adopted daughter ala woodie allen ?

  6. According to a DNA test he took 6 years back she proved to be his blood daughter 97.999%

  7. whoa, that is double nasty.


    ps. good name for a band---wallstyouth. nice!
  8. Sexual taboos, such as incest, differ by culture.

    About the only thing you can say for sure, is that it's all relative.