that big old ugly h&s working nice now

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. didnt you see it?
  2. wow. banking. thanks
  3. sweet. ready to release a major call
  4. Yep, been short since 6:00 am central. I don't believe in head and shoulders, but I did see a TL break. Hope we actually go somewhere instead of in circles. Save your call, and the banks can do whatever the shit they want, price still makes us money man.
  5. nothing but pros here on et, thats why i rarely mention the obvious
  6. Lucrum


    No doubt the world is hanging on the edge of it's seat in anxious anticipation.
  7. gave out PSMT to my subs 4 points ago.
  8. PSMT. who's the best?
  9. up 7 points from my alert last today.


    my shits so good, theres money in it even when I post it here, long after the cream entry.
  10. I gave PSMT out at <68.

    Only call I made all day.

    Who's yer daddy?
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