Tharp "Position Sizing" trademark refused

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  1. The United States Patent And Trademark Office operates a website which has a Search capability. Anyone can look up a Trademark or an application for a Trademark, and find the official status. I just did this for Van K. Tharp's trademark

    Position Sizing

    and found that the USPTO recently mailed him an Office Action. They refused his application. He has six months to reply or his application will be considered abandoned. The Office Action letter from USPTO to Tharp is attached.

    So when you read that "Position Sizing is Trademarked by Van Tharp", it isn't true.
  2. The government sent Tharp another Office Action, refusing his application for a Trademark on

    System Quality Number

    The official letter is attached.
  3. He wanted to trademark position sizing? If he wanted to trademark something so generic, he would have had better luck with "Kick me, I'm stupid."
  4. MGJ


    Maybe Van Tharp's lawyers haven't told his webmaster that the Trademark application was refused?

  5. I was thinking of opening a restaurant and TM'ing "Menu" and "Food"

    Hopefully I wont have any problems.
  6. Rather than take anything as its said you have shown some useful traits required of us in this industry......

    1. Independent thought - Checking the patent of a "guru"

    2. Research - some folks don't even have public holidays dates for major international exchanges in their diaries :eek:

    3. Truth As It Is - You put up the links and its in everyone's face, but l guess houseprices will rebound soon :p

    4. Testicular Fortitude - Balls of STEEL !!!