Tharp: Peak Performance Course for Traders and Investors

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  1. After reading Curtis Faith's The Way of the Turtle (good book btw), I looked into VKT's Trading Your Way to Financial Independence. I had the original version so purchased the revised version.

    Both Faith and Tharp state psychology and biases have a huge effect on trading systems.

    This brings me to my question. Tharp is marketing a course entitled Peak Performance Course for Traders and Investors.

    His book is good. It has caused me to think about my trading and biases. For those who have ordered the course. Is it just an extension of the book or is it really worthwhile? It looks like it will take about 270 hours to really digest (2-3 hours a day for 2-3 months), according to Tharp's website. Is the book enough?

    If you've gone through this course, please reply. If you haven't please share your observations of people you know who have gone through it.

    If you're a naysayer because "Tharp has never traded in his life," please enjoy the posts but continue to lurk.
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    My answer is no. There's nothing in this course that you can't find elsewhere for a fraction of the price. This course is nothing more than a rehearsal of what you probably already know like building a business plan and set objectives. If you are interested in trading psychology I suggest you to read Enhancing Trader Performance by Brett Steenbarger and Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. You can also check the blog of Steenbarger at