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    Considering Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States I would imagine Futures and Stock Markets are closed?

    If they are closed why are there Economic reports expected out on Thursday?

  2. Thanksgiving is the following Thursday
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    thanks bud, in any case I was wondering if most people will be taking a long weekend(Thursday and Friday Off) making trading dead on Friday.

    Any Thoughts?
  4. I myself have not worked a Friday after Thanksgiving in nearly 20 years. Stocks may be thin,
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  6. The "family" guys will take a 5-day weekend. The "single" guys will be trading. :cool:
  7. The friday after Thansgiving has been dead since 1998 (Books-A-Million anyone---BAMM?)

  8. Do they have a bargain-bin with 1-dollar, trading-related titles? :)
  9. LOL. I didn't even realize they were still around.

    Were you trading back then (1998)?

    BAMM was up something like 1000% the day after Thanksgiving. Probably sold like 10 books, but had 10,000 "page views".