Thanksgiving week

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  1. Can someone tell us what the market does historicallly during a Thanksgiving-shortened week?

    I mean, run some numbers for us?

    Thanks in advance ...
  2. The trading days before and after Thanksgiving are historically Bullish
  3. I agree, Made some nice coin in the past trading long on weds and fri and then shorting on fridays and covering the next week.
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    From The 2004 Stock Trader's Almanac:

    For 35 years the combination of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Friday after had a great track record, except for two occasions. Attributing this phenomenon to the warm holiday spirit was a no-brainer. But, publishing it in the 1987 Almanac was the kiss of death. Since then it has been up nine of the last sixteen times. However, going long into weakness Tuesday or Wednesday and staying in through the following Monday improves the record.
  6. I’m among the very few now waiting for an imminent reversal of the Dow and the question I have is before stocks go down, would the Thanksgiving week, in addition to last week’s options expiration, be a likely reason for a continuation of the recent consolidation and, at the same time, a reason for an expected reversal to be delayed by an additional week?
  7. Are markets closed on Monday? If not when will the markets be closed?
  8. They'll be closed Thursday but I think volume will be low Friday and, in anticipation to all that, probably at the beginning of the week too.
  9. NYSE will close at 1:00 ET on Friday