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  1. sending my tax forms in a reasonable amount of time. Im not sure if its illegal (its march 10, thats b.s.) that you havent sent this information out yet, but once again you have reminded me of why your company is bad news.
  2. We should have the tax forms by now, but I don't think WLDCO is unusual. From what I hear, several firms have taken this long (not all, but many).
  3. Whats the rush about tax forms....if you made want to pay as late as possible anyway..... Let's find more important reasons to not join a How about "their decorations are boring"....and oh oh... you can't forget "their monring donuts are always stale".... Damn. Im quitting. This company sucks!
  4. silk thx for the pm back


    there is no rush, the wife is trying to get everything in order
    no one is quitting or running away, its ironic how you comment on profitability when in your last post......

    """ All I know is, Im stayng put until they fire me. He he he... I have no downside risk since I have zero capital!""""

    so....... ESMF


    It really shouldn't be a big deal to get us the forms, all the number are in the system. But they also fired some employees from HR.
  6. you are required to pay taxes by April 15, even if you need an extension to file your paperwork, so it would be nice if firms could give out K1 statements more promptly
  7. I can tell you that he has made plenty of money in the past (and therefore, he certainly can speak about profitability).
  8. bmwstox


    I am not surprised one bit!
  9. I'm still waiting to get my K-1. Anyone else?
  10. everyone else. Supposedly they were sent out this week
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